First US Patent in Miitors!

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We are proud to announce, that we received our first US patent today. No less than 33 prior patents were referenced during the examination, but we got a broad coverage in the patent no. 8893559 called ‘Ultrasonic consumption meter with locking mechanism’ nevertheless. Patents are important for us in order to protect our technology, so we are happy that we already have 3 issued patents in this young company – while 12 other application are still under consideration by the patent authorities.

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First PhD in physics at Miitors

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We are exited to announce, that we signed a contract with Thue Lindballe today.  Thue holds a PhD in Physics from Aarhus University, and he has already been working successfully with our development team for a few weeks now. We welcome Thue – and we are looking forward to his contribution to our great team!    

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X-Mode – Optimized radio protocol

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We congratulate Benjamin Gudesøe and Camilla Munk that defended their bachelor project last week. They received an A each for their implementation and field tests of the X-mode for water meters. The X-mode is a patented invention from Miitors that reduces the redundancy in utility meter radio communication to a minimum. Real live tests shows that for short water meter telegrams, the current consumption of X-mode is only one third compared to normal T-mode Wireless MBus communication – all included. The amount of information is the same, and the range is actually a bit longer, due to...

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Patents – Patents – Patents…..

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Yesterday we filed patent application no 15. And yet we are still inventing new stuff every day, while at the same time fine tuning all the details in our  awesome water meter. The smallest, highest dynamic range, lowest pressure loss, static water meter in the world (but we already mentioned that before, and also the lowest cost) This particular patent is on a compact and very efficient RF-antenna, but we also have inventions in mechanics, electronics, ultrasonics, digital signal processing, hydrodynamics, communication protocols, materials and…. well basically everything in the...

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Rocket Science

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Well, we are not exactly doing rocket science at Miitors, but nevertheless…. we got a very inspiring visit and lecture today from Kristian von Bengtson from Copenhagen Suborbitals. These guys are making awesome stuff  in all kinds of domains,  such as mechanics, electronics, hydrodynamics, and radio communication, succeeding on a very small budget in an agile way. So, we actually feel related mentally and technologically. If you do not already know about this open source amateur  space rocket – then we highly recommend visiting their homepage. You might even feel so inspired...

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Miitors at the European Utility Week

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We will attend the European Utility Week on 15-17 October in Amsterdam – and a few slots are still available for a meeting with our managing director. If you want a reservation, please send a request to:

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