Apator Miitors ApS is a development company. We have been developing the smartest water meter in the world since 2010. From the late 2010 to April 2015, various investors trusted the project and invested money in Miitors. In April 2015 the Polish company Apator Powogaz S.A. acquired all shares in Miitors ApS. Therefore, Miitors changed name to Apator Miitors ApS keeping Miitors ApS as a secondary name. Apator Powogaz S.A. is owned by Apator also known as the Apator Group.

Miitors was founded in January 2010 by Jens Drachmann with the vision to disrupt the water metering industry. Our History started with one man, who had a great idea... That idea grew into a company, that now consist of 19 employees - and we are still growing!


We are a sharp mix of electronic, mechanical and software developers. This means we have professional sparring across the office, where we complement each other on our differences. We are very grateful for our employees – without them, we wouldn't be where we are today!

Kresten Helstrup

Development Engineer/Product Owner

Benjamin Kallehave Gudsø

Development Engineer/Product Owner

James Price

Development Engineer/Product Owner

Jacob Jensen

Development Engineer

Mikkel Knudsen Hall

Development Engineer

Kenneth Raaholdt Jensen

Development Engineer

Simon Foldager

Development Engineer

Katrine Lundager

Development Engineer

Mario Turiso Portal

Development Engineer

Thor Balle Mühlensteth

Development Engineer/IT Manager

Kristian Thomsen

Development Engineer

Mads N. Enevoldsen

Development Engineer

Malte Flammild

Development Engineer/Intern

Lennart Remme Balle

Development Engineer

Anders Rasmussen

Development Engineer


Thue Bjerring Lindballe


Anders Høj Jensen


Josefine Bargholt Christoffersen

HR Developer

Jørgen Kjær

Patent Manager

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