From one small idea to the worlds smartest water meter!

We don’t develop quick and easy solutions – we develop long term solutions, that are smart, has the longest lifetime, the toughest design, lowest cost, lowest environmental impact, most flexible... we can keep on going.


The first product to be released is W-Miitor, a platform for a low cost, ultra low power, electronic water meter with remote RF reading.

The Ultrimis W is an ultrasonic water meter with many patented design and technological features, such as the ultrasonic measuring method. No heavy metals are contact with the water for this meter. The standard version of this water meter is waterproof. Our structure arguably makes our product the lightest and smallest ultrasonic water meter available.

Measurement precision

The best measurement range (R800) available on the market, in every working orientation (H, V, H/V)
Starting flow: 0.75 l/h for DN15
Low pressure drop: 1 bar per 4 m3/h for DN15
Measurement stability (dedicated processing method)
Reverse flow measurement
Detection of any network leak

Ultrimis-W Characteristics

Structure of the measurement chamber: flow-through, without moving elements, resistant to impurities, no outlays on inspections or maintenance works
No need to use straight sections upstream or downstream of the water meter
Small dimensions, probably the smallest and lightest ultrasonic water meters on the market
Very low energy consumption
Very low lithium content - Li < 1.5 g for 2xAA
Maximum design battery life of 16 years (depending on the configuration and environmental conditions)
No heavy metals in the materials in contact with potable water (composite body)
Very low weight = low CO2 emission, low transport cost
Hermetic housing for the water meter – IP68 as standard
Maximum flow limited only by pressure loss
No wear of the measurement chamber elements during continuous operation even for high flows
Pressure – 16 bar
Resistant to strong magnetic fields
Resistant to hydrodynamic impact
Highly resistant to overload flow rates – Q4, option of exceeding the overload flow rate
Measurement stability regardless of the soiling of the measurement system elements during operation (dedicated e-system to monitor the ultrasonic beam parameters, hence compensating for ageing of the piezo elements)
Reverse flow measurement