With its second-to-none patent portfolio Miitors is built upon strong engineering achievements within electronics, embedded software, mechanics and flow dynamics as well as PC software. The journey ahead aims to further accelerate development activities (product development) and engage with new business opportunities within the water metering industry.

Miitors patents are cutting edge technology

Miitors has a number of patents and patent applications covering proprietary technology. The following inventions are covered:

A electronic coupling for transducers in ultrasonic flowmeters – enabling extreme sensitivity and very low start flows.

A special electronic circuit for transducer characterization – for fault detection and timing correction.

A method for compensating transducer parameters, so that extremely accurate absolute time measurements are possible. Utilizing this principles makes it possible to make very accurate ultrasonic meters without temperature sensors.

Exploitation of low sample rate ADCs in ultrasonic flow meters – resulting in very low current consumption.

Simple and low cost mechanical construction of ultrasonic water meter – easy to assemble - disassemble and reuse.

Efficient and low cost ultrasonic transducer.

NFC solutions such as methods for test and calibration of wireless consumption meters as well as wireless radio communication systems.

In addition, we continuously seek new creative solutions so that our technological platform is leading the technological development in our field.
Miitors offers high quality license agreements. If any interest in utilizing Miitors owned proprietary technology, please contact the company.