Business model

Business model

Miitors offers attractive license and royalty agreements on the technology developed for the W-Miitor platform. Licenses are available on complete meters as well as smaller parts of meters and systems. Typical costumers are meter manufacturers that want to update existing products to higher performance – or manufacturers of mechanical water meters that want to enter the new era of electronic water metering.

We know that introducing a new meter to the market takes staying power and excellence. For this reason we recognize, that merely licensing the technology is not enough – a water meter project is not done before the last meter has proven its accuracy after many years of operation. Miitors delivers:

  • the advanced mechanical-ultrasonic- electronic and software technology needed. Depending on the technological level of the customer, we will cooperate with his engineers and technicians, so that these resources are utilized, and knowledge is transferred during the process of introducing the new meter.
  • a fully developed customized meter, or a platform for the customer to optimize and customize himself
  • knowledge about production and test methods for the meter.
  • support during type approval
  • support during production start up and ramp-up
  • technical support for product documentation

In our continuous effort to improve our platform, we also seek corporation with water utilities for improving design, specifications and user interfaces.

Our main concern is the development of long term partnerships, resulting in robust, cost effective solutions with state of the art performance.