" Water meters based on ultrasound"

low cost, robust, ultra low energy and very sensitive


Clean fresh water is a necessity for human survival – but it is becoming a limited resource in many parts of the world.

On top of a rising population and climate changes, many reservoirs are also challenged by pollution.

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Managing Director:

Jens Drachmann
Bautavej 1A
DK-8210 Aarhus V

Email: info@miitors.com

tel +45 5141 8242


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Miitors Hires Mechanical Engineer for R&D

Demanding position available for creative engineer,

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Miitors aquired by Apator Powogaz

Miitors has been aquired by Apator Powogaz.

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Yet another patent…..

We have been awarded a new patent from the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. The patent has number 177939

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